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Project Grants

Project grant funds provided by HPSC must directly go back to UIC students in some shape or form. Gifts for guest lecturers, supplies for non-UIC students, and events that are not open to other health professions colleges will NOT be funded.

All material used to publicize projects funded by HPSC must include our logo (seen in the above header). You may download the file (available in .png, .svg., and .ai formats) from the "Documents & Links" section in the left sidebar. Partially funded projects must at least include the statement "Sponsored by HPSC" or "Sponsored in part by HPSC."

If funded, you must respond to the e-mail from the Project Grants Treasurer within 48 hours. Failing to do so will result in forfeiture of any funding that you have been offered.

Please follow the subpages links listed below or expand the project grants menu on the left sidebar.