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Project Grant FAQs

HPSC project grants are monetary grants which provide financial assistance to health professions student organizations or individual health professions students who seek to complete a service project.

All material used to publicize projects funded by HPSC must include the HPSC logo (seen in the above header). Partially funded projects must at least include the statement "Sponsored by HPSC" or "Sponsored in part by HPSC."

Who qualifies for a project grant?
Applicants must be currently enrolled, degree-seeking students in a health professions college or recognized health professions student organizations at the University of Illinois. Non-degree students, former students and students enrolled in other colleges at UIC are not eligible. Student organizations of other colleges at UIC are also not eligible.

What types of projects are considered eligible for project grants?
Projects that are funded by project grants include, but are not limited to, health fairs, campus projects and community service projects.

How much is a project grant?
There is no set amount for each project grant. The amount granted is dependent upon the number of applicants and the availability of funds. There is $8,000 allocated for the 2018-19 school year. Please keep this in mind when determining the amount you wish to request from HPSC.

What do project grants specifically fund?
Project grants will cover the following expenses: advertisements, materials needed for the project and rental fees. Project grants will not cover transportation, video/audio equipment or fundraisers. 

Additionally, project grant funds provided by HPSC must directly go back to UIC students in some shape or form. Gifts for guest lecturers, supplies for non-UIC students, and events that are not open to other health professions colleges will NOT be funded.  

How many project grants can an individual or organization receive?
An individual or student organization may receive more than one (1) project grant within a fiscal year depending on the number of applicants and the availability of funds. 

Our service project has already been completed. Can we still apply for a project grant?
No. Funded projects must be at least 1 month away from the HPSC meeting date, NOT the date of proposal submission. We need this time to get the supplies ordered and to work out contractual issues if they exist. All funded purchases will be made by the Dean of Student's Office credit card. 

Where do I turn in my project grant application?
Applications are to be submitted via email to hpscgrants@gmail.com. Please CC the Project Grants Treasurer, Kavya (kvaitl2@uic.edu). Paper applications will no longer be accepted.

We are applying for funding for a project that has not yet been completed. By when do projects need to be complete?
Projects receiving a project grant during the Fall semester must be completed by December 31 of the academic year. Projects receiving a project grant during the Spring semester must be completed by May 31 of the academic year. 

Should I include original receipts with my project grant application?
No, please do not submit original receipts with any project grant application. HPSC is not liable for any loss associated with incomplete delivery of receipts. Copies of receipts are also not necessary.

What is a complete project grant application?
A complete project grant application is a copy of the completed three (3) forms which are found in the Project Grant Application- application form, project proposal and itemized budget. 

When are project grant applications due?
Travel grants are due one week before each HPSC meeting between September and April. Grants will be discussed and voted on at the nearest HPSC meeting. It is highly recommended that you be there to present your project and answer any questions that arise. Please remember that it typically takes 2 weeks to process funding requests after HPSC meetings, so plan accordingly for your event date. 

Can I turn in my project grant application early?
Of course! Early submission of applications is encouraged.

What if I have additional questions about project grants?
Please contact the HPSC representatives at your college, or email hpscgrants@gmail.com.