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Part II - Application, RFF, and Supporting Documents

When applying for an HPSC Travel Grant, the following documents must be submitted:

1. HPSC Travel Grant Application
2. RFF Form
3. Supporting Documents

Documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

HPSC Travel Grant Application

Request for Funds (RFF) Form
1.  Complete the RFF form as shown below.  
2.  For Dept/VendorFax, and FAO/PAL, please fill out with "N/A".  Do not change any pre-filled fields of the RFF.
3.  Save as .pdf file titled "Firstname_Lastname_RFF".  NOTE: Use a PC when completing this step.
  • RFF form must be a live, editable PDF document in order for HPSC to process your grant with the university. Do not print/scan the RFF form.

Supporting Documentation
The following table details which supporting documents are required for specific applicants.  Please save supporting document(s) as "Firstname_Lastname_Doc1" (Doc2, if needed).  Please see the FAQ section for questions regarding supporting documents.

UIC-HPSC Eboard,
Sep 22, 2018, 12:58 PM