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Travel Grant FAQ's

What is an HPSC travel award?
HPSC travel awards are monetary awards intended to provide financial assistance to health professions students who represent UIC in a positive way at conferences, meetings, or by doing contributory work- including assisting in under-served areas or participating in away rotations.

Do I qualify for a travel award?
Currently enrolled, degree-seeking health professions students at the University of Illinois completing eligible travel may apply for a travel award up to and including Q4 in the year of graduation. Non-degree students, former students, and students enrolled in other colleges at the University of Illinois are not eligible. Please see Part I of the tutorial to determine your eligibility.

What expenses do travel awards cover?
Travel awards may be used towards transportation costs (e.g., flight boarding pass, airplane ticket expense), daily food receipts with dates of travel, hotel/housing expenses (e.g., detailed hotel folio listing a daily charge of room rate and tax), car rental receipt, and/or conference registration with confirmed receipts.

How many travel awards can I receive?
Health professions students may only receive one (1) travel award per fiscal year. The fiscal year is defined as July 1 of one year to June 30 of the following year. For example, from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019.

If a health professions student has already received travel award funding from the Undergraduate Student Government or Graduate Student Council during the same fiscal year, the student is not eligible to receive an HPSC travel award during that fiscal year.

Where do I turn in my travel award application? 
Please complete the application via the following Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/PrwkfqSFmwVpSP652

Can I turn in my travel award application early?
Yes! This highly encouraged, but please do not submit outside of the quarter during which you will travel to help with HPSC and University record keeping (e.g. do not submit a Quarter 3 grant during Quarter 2).

How many travel grants will be awarded?
Travel awards are contingent upon the availability of funds. HPSC strives to support as many qualified applicants as possible.

Should I include original receipts with my travel award application?
No. Please do not submit original receipts with any travel award application. HPSC is not liable for any loss associated with incomplete delivery of receipts. Original receipts are necessary after grant approval for processing with the university. 

What happens if my conference/meeting occurs at the end of the fiscal year?
Any travel after May 15th will be considered for Q1 travel for the next fiscal year. At this time, travel grants for Q1 will be processed and awarded after final budget allocations are made for HPSC (which depend on 10-day enrollment numbers for the new school year). 

What happens if my application is not completed properly?
Ineligible applicants, including those who have received prior HPSC, GSC or USC funding within the current fiscal year, will not be reconsidered. The most common reason for rejection is that a portion(s) of the application is missing or ineligibility.

How do I retrieve my travel reimbursement after receiving an approval letter?
If your application is approved, you will receive an acceptance email from the Travel Reimbursement Committee with directions for collecting your award. You must submit an original receipt to the Office of Student Affairs (3030 SSB) after you attend your meeting/conference and prior to the last day of award eligibility indicated in your acceptance letter. Never submit any receipts to HPSC! Awards that are not collected by the cancellation date posted on your award notice will be canceled and returned to the HPSC Travel Fund for distribution to future applicants.

I have additional questions. Who should I contact?
You can e-mail your questions to hpscgrants@gmail.com.