Past CHS Events

Below are some of the events HPSC has organized as part of the Collaborative Healthcare Series. If interested in receiving more information about the series, please email us at

HPSC CHS 2: College of Nursing Simulation Lab

January 22, 2014- The College of Nursing Student Council and Health Professions Student Council held an interprofessional skills course at the College of Nursing's Simulation Lab.

Participants were divided into diverse teams composed of different health professionals and moved through a number of healthcare skills and emergency scenarios. At each scenario, students were able to demonstrate their clinical knowledge and learn new skills.

The event was a great success thanks to the event organizers, student and faculty volunteers, and all of the students who braved the frigid cold weather to make it to the event. The Health Professions Student Council strives to encourage interprofessional learning, and we hope that those who participated valued the experience as much as we did!

HPSC CHS 1: The Culture of Disability: Advocacy and Professionalism

September 23, 2013- Health Professions Student Council kicked off the academic year with a new event hosted at UIC's College of Dentistry.

Three speakers were able to share personal and professional insight into how people with disabilities face challenges within specific fields of healthcare. Additionally, students were given the opportunity to learn the importance of professionalism and disability advocacy as it applies to all health fields.