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The following details the expectations for all HPSC representatives:
  • Attend all HPSC General Body Meetings.
  • Each student council must designate 2 permanent representatives for the entire academic year.
    • Each representative is responsible for attending all HPSC Monthly Meetings
    • Each representative will be allowed 2 unexcused absences for the entire year
    • UICOM in Rockford and Peoria are only required to have 1 permanent representative.
  • If a student council member is unable to attend the meeting, he/she must:
    • Email the secretary 3 days prior to the meeting
    • Find an alternate (proxy) to attend the meeting
  • Inform students about HPSC and encourage students from your college to attend HPSC events.
  • HPSC represents all health professions students at UIC. As an HPSC representative, you are responsible for representing your college to HPSC.
    • Ensure that every student has an opportunity to learn more about HPSC.
    • Bring student issues to HPSC meetings
  • Email announcements and meeting minutes to your college
    • 1 representative from each college is responsible for communicating updates
  • Report at least 1 college event per month at HPSC meeting and add to agenda
  • In order to aid students in fulfilling requirements for the HPSC Collaborative Healthcare Series, each HPSC representative will be required to:
    • Report potentially qualifying events at their college using the form below
    • Provide information about that event at the next HPSC meeting
    • Events can range from a lunchtime lecture to an interactive activity
    • There is no restriction on the types of event that can be reported
    • A minimum of 1 event that qualifies for the HPSC CHS must be reported per month from each college
Failure to comply with these representative responsibilities can lead to loss of funding from your college.